Mechanical teachings

Dave Webb (TARFC and Sherwell Valley Motors) has just given Rachel her first vehicle maintenance lesson. Today involved an orientation of what’s what underneath the vehicle, the brakes, and the techniques to change a front wheel – followed by a couple of hours’ practical. With much gusto Rachel waded in and impressed her tutor with how much she had taken on board. I thought to myself Dave is selling himself short with his surprise, he has great delivery and is a natural teacher. Certainly, even after this first session, mission confidence is greatly improved.

They also discovered that there are still a couple of oil leaks from the transmission. One from the cooler pipe(s) where they enter the box and another seemingly from the top aspect, near the control levers. We will need to report those to OEC. The van will need some of their care and attention to fit another valve to the tail-lift – this time to slow its ascent, as well as fit a cruise control. The hand-controls are fine when around town as one is flexing and extending the arm; however on a long motorway haul it’s all flexion, which is fatiguing as it’s the same muscles being contracted.

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