We’ve been leafing through recent (April/May) issues of Land Rover Monthly, and in the Technofile sections, there is a step by step, pictorial article on fitting an Ashcroft  auto-conversion to a 300tdi Defender. If you want to see what’s involved – plus the (again) positive review on the mod’ itself, then it’s worth tracking down a copy. It’s certainly not a quick job! The wiring in could be fiddly. Subsequently Anton advises us,

“The gearbox is going well so far. It is in, bolted up… but as you say we have the wiring and the pipework to do next… it would have been easier if we had built the land rover from chassis up… have taken off all the panels one can think off so far LOL “

Anton de Leeuw OEC International Ltd Broadway Road Kingsteington, Newton Abbot Devon, TQ12 3PJ Mob: +44 (0) 7841 278366 Tel: +44 (0) 1626 356555 Fax: +44 (0) 1626 356066

We’ve also been reflecting that getting the prep’ work done for us, is realistically depriving us of a learning opportunity regarding the mechanics of the vehicle and its mod’s. Realistically it is the right option for us though, given that the base vehicle is new, and we have neither the time nor the garage space to start from scratch – plus RR02 HAR is with OEC for the Azalai conversion itself anyway for a protracted period. Rachel is going to be designated bush-mechanic [lite], and we’ll need to catch-up on service and maintenance skills once the vehicle is commissioned. OEC themselves are open to spot visits and are at great pains to talk through what exactly they have done and indeed how they have done it – which is still an education.

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