As well as staying in touch with the vehicle build, we have been very busy behind the scenes as we plan our fundraising strategy. We are drafting brochures, letters and press releases. These will soon be ready to inflict on the public domain.

As well as taking a fair bit of time (the usual ‘whatever you estimate, times two and add a bit’), this work has been quite cathartic for me. In attempting to get quite a lot into very little space, I’ve had to think long and hard about what it is exactly, that we are trying to achieve as part of the whole exercise. I’m quite sure that I don’t have all of the answer yet – and I am sure it will be multi-faceted and complex even if we do get there – but it has become quite clear that the chance to raise awareness and funds for Motivation has become something of a personal and passionate cause.

I think this is because I have finally acknowledged that without the formal support (health and social care, the RFU Injured Players Fund, Anti-discrim’ legislation, accessible built environments  etc) and informal support (friends, family and other well-wishers) that I have enjoyed since my accident way back in ’86 – my life would probably have ended rather prematurely (or at the very least been a bit shit). Further, I’ve accepted that in this respect, complacency in the virtue of birth and geography is not a sustainable cognition. I have lived with a dissonance caused by ignoring the obvious and inconvenient truth, that for many disabled people in developing countries,  life doesn’t work out as rosy as it did for me.

To that end please take some time to download the linked file regarding Motivations 20th Anniversary campaign ‘Wheels Out of Poverty’ . The target is to raise £500,000 over the next 18 months to help 5,000 people across Africa – many of the projects are in countries that we will be traversing.

“Soon Motivation will celebrate its 20 year anniversary. They have come a long way and, with their wheelchair and empowerment projects, are reaching more people than ever. Wheels out of Poverty will help 5,000 people enjoy happy, healthy and productive lives – away from poverty. £500,000  over 18 months is the target to achieve this.

It costs just £120 to provide a wheelchair

£5,000 can buy tools and materials to set up a wheelchair workshop

£10,000 enables us to establish a wheelchair service and train staff

and technicians to prescribe, build and fit wheelchairs

£25,000 could support a network of wheelchair services throughout Africa

There are thousands more children and adults denied the life changing benefits of a good wheelchair. Early intervention is so important, please help before it’s too late for another young person.”

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