Empty house

Got a chance to talk to the parents about some of the detail the other night. Ahead of the bank holiday I’d nipped to the pub with some friends, and upon coming home, found the Rentals sitting up in their kitchen over a bottle of wine – Thought it opportune to join them.

We got talking about wills and how the house could be split in the event of various parties ‘dropping off twigs etc’. In principle there was pretty much broad agreement about what should happen, but because of the four-way ownership it might be a bit more complicated to write down! Still reassuring that we are all of a similar mind.

We then got onto talking about the costs associated with not working and needing to maintain our end of the mortgage and other fixed house costs. We (Rachel & I) had thought to rent out our end – possibly as a holiday let. Mother was OK with this, but Father much less so. He is not keen on the idea of living next door (literally in the same house) with people he doesn’t know. I have empathy with this and we are pleased that he took this opportunity to state his view. The practical upshot is that we still need to cover the costs though, and that adds another £10-15k to an already unfeasibly expensive project. Realistically it’s another twelve months saving and seems likely to force us to defer to 2012. I was talking to some friends who may find the [2011] timing agreeable with their own needs (and they would be acceptable as neighbours for Pat and Alan) – but it seems a long shot at his stage. Certainly it’s nothing that can be banked upon.

I also will be tapping OEC for a progress report once Easter is done. Reasonably, I think we should be expecting a call to say work has begun about now.

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