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This week we had the great pleasure of visiting the guys at Motivation in their Bristol HQ. It was really great to catch up and put faces to names. Hi Natalie, Chris, Marianne and David (sorry for interrupting your lunch David). Obviously everyone was very busy, so it was nice that they made us feel so welcome.

We were able to drop off a few more cheques from Dad’s 70th and the Bush Tucker Trial – which has pushed the ‘offline’ fundraising of late to over £700. Thank you everyone.

The other reason for the visit was to try the Rough Terrain Worldmade Chair and Handcycle attachment. Chris quickly set the demo chair up to suit (a little narrow in this model but good enough to check out) and went through the key features. I have to admit I was quite taken by how effective the design is, at every level – both in ease of maintenance and adjustment, right through to its performance. The hand-cycle’s docking was particularly elegant.

I’m hoping to use this set-up on the trip (instead of the (capable but more ‘complex’ to maintain) Trekinetic). It makes sense at so many levels – and more so now I’ve tried it. I only wish I’d thought to ask sooner as it is now a little tight regarding when the next delivery comes in to the UK (from China). However Natalie is pretty optimistic that I’ll be able to buy and take delivery of a fat-boy size chair in time to go – so fingers crossed. It would be a real bonus to have both a chair and handcycle on the trip – and will definitely increase opportunity and range (handcycle is easier for me given the imbalance of having a functioning hand and a paralysed ‘tetra’ hand). Plus I’ll hopefully be able to post just how it is working for us for your information and entertainment too! (Would any UK chair users be interested in using the Worldmade Rough Terrain to get off the beaten track I wonder? I can see scope – and would be interested to hear your thoughts…..)

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