Xmas stash report

Not really much to report. Needless to say Rachel was indulged in Michelin Maps, Stacking Cooking Pans, Survival Guides and the like as Christmas presents. Me, I got a micro-towel – cool!

Regarding the van, I have casually researched platform lifts and had a cursory dialogue with Anton at OEC.  I’m wondering whether something along these lines might fit the bill http://pwsacc.co.uk/disabled-scooter-carriers.htm

On the positive side:

Wide platform conducive to crutches

It’s a lift

Could be used in conjunction with a portable step to avoid having to often up/down maybe (IE adjust its position so it could itself be a step)

(Domestically at least) It can be used as designed to carry handcycle/chair etc


Not sure what the fatigue characteristics would be like (eg over corrugations)

Not sure on the weight/loading effects

Not sure of height of tow bar (or whether range of lift/mast height can be ‘extended’ to give a further rise.

Seems possible…….

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