There’s always snags

As the avid follower will know we didn’t have the best of days yesterday. The Defender broke down on the way to Driver Training with LR at Eastnor and needs some main dealer TLC to sort out what appears to be an Engine Management System gremlin (the irony made us laugh though) and then when we did get back home after the myriad of trailers and lifts (Thank you Anton @ OEC – really appreciated) – our (albeit old and long-serving) laptop had decided to fry itself and is now very much dead!

The Defender repair will be warranty, but the laptop is outside the planned budget – however it is nonetheless [in our opinion] too essential not to replace for en route blogging, video, pictures and peripheral before and after presentations and talks etc….   Very much two steps forward on backwards at the moment! It looks like the reserves will need an unwelcome, premature tapping if we are going to be able to keep you all up to date from Deepest Darkest…..

On the plus side a good old rugby friend and supporter of the Indlovu Drive, Rob Cooksley, has offered to assist with a lift from Reading to Oxford, should we need it to get to the WMT training this weekend. Thanks Rob – legend stuff and we may well be in touch.

Also we are hopeful that Land Rover will be able to rearrange the Driver Training – it is definitely something else that should not be compromised upon – especially given the quality and reputation it has and the fact that it’s readily available to us here in Blighty.

Remember – there’ll ALWAYS be snags

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