Azalai vehicle build trip

We went over to OEC lunchtime today with Pat and Alan so that they could see a completed Azalai. Whichever way you look at this, they have a stake in the adventure. From the emotional worries about our wellbeing, to the pragmatic realities of our using the house as loan collateral (as they own and live in half of it!). I think it was a worthwhile exercise.

Later in the day, when I came home from work, Mum said that she was reassured after seeing how well the vehicle was equipped and how much thought has gone into its design. Taken at face value this is a good thing, as earlier on Anton had let us into a little secret. Apparently Mum told him, “I’m not worried about Richard as he’s just stubborn, it’s the pressure that he puts on Rachel…..” he sniggered as he confided in us. “I think it’s just Mum being a Mum!” he said. Personally I don’t see it as applying pressure – more as ‘thoughtful and considerate direction’! Dad was equally impressed with the design and how much is crammed into the space. (The dog came along for the ride and he too enjoyed the trip as he found a sandwich crust in the bin.)

We also saw RR02 HAR in the (aluminium) flesh, and learned about some further developments in the water storage (including an ingenious idea to avoid freezing occurring in the tanks). We talked ICE, alarms and seating, but we will need to meet again soon to take some time and cross t‘s and dot i‘s

All in all a pleasant jaunt on a nice, sunny day and everyone at OEC were their normal, helpful selves.

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