Estimated Carbon Costs

As this is a quiet month with little to report, I thought it opportune to consider some of the real costs of this trip…….. Your Footprint Country Average World Target Your Carbon Footprint: House 2.10 tonnes of CO2 Flights 3.32 tonnes of CO2 Car 2.93 tonnes of CO2 Motorbike 0.00 tonnes of CO2 Bus &Continue reading “Estimated Carbon Costs”

Taking the Azalai to Tilbury Docks

We left Torquay in the middle of the night (30/3/11)  knowing that the next time the Azalai drives on the Bay’s roads it will be after it’s traversed the length of both Africa and Europe. Despite having had less than a few hour’s sleep, the drive to Tilbury Docks was really enjoyable. I did theContinue reading “Taking the Azalai to Tilbury Docks”

The Landrover has shipped for Durban

After missing out on being boarded onto the MOL Caloden, the Azalai was waiting for MV. Safmarine Mafadi to ship her to Durban. The ETS we had was 13th April. We watched her sail in to Tilbury on – but then saw her sail out again late on 12th April! We had an anxiousContinue reading “The Landrover has shipped for Durban”