Estimated Carbon Costs

As this is a quiet month with little to report, I thought it opportune to consider some of the real costs of this trip…….. Your Footprint Country Average World Target Your Carbon Footprint: House 2.10 tonnes of CO2 Flights 3.32 tonnes of CO2 Car 2.93 tonnes of CO2 Motorbike 0.00 tonnes of CO2 Bus &Continue reading “Estimated Carbon Costs”

Injured Players Fund assistance

Great news, just heard from Tim Bonnett of the RFU’s IPF (Injured Players’ Fund) that the Trustees have agreed to help fund the cost of adapting disabled facilities for the vehicle. This includes a provision for mobility aids too. This will help to keep our outlay broadly in line with that of able-bodied purchasers. MyContinue reading “Injured Players Fund assistance”