Breakdown update

Roger Young Ltd have established that the Azalai’s problem is not the Engine Management System (which is reassuring) – rather it is an electrical short somewhere which is blowing a fuse every time the engine tries to run. The symptoms to [the rare] EMS problem were the same as it presented, but it’s more likelyContinue reading “Breakdown update”

Breakdown – the cause and remedy

Picked the Azalai up from OEC today. The breakdown was apparently caused by a wiring loom contacting with the [transplanted] auto box’s oil feeds and consequently being melted. Paul [at OEC] was surprised that the transmission oil ran that hot; but he has now secured the loom away from the pipes so all appears toContinue reading “Breakdown – the cause and remedy”

The 10th Torbay

Just had a great evening talking to the guys and girls of the 10th Torbay Sea Scouts. They were a super audience and sat through at least 45 minutes of presentation before asking lots of really good questions. We covered planning for the trip, expedition health and vaccinations, the budget, how young people can makeContinue reading “The 10th Torbay”

Thursday Club

A new audience for the latest talk, the ladies and gents of the ‘Thursday Club’ at St Matthias Church, Wellswood. Attentive and kind though they were, I am sure that they would have been at least equally interested if I’d filled the slot with (more) pictures from previous wildlife shoots – compared to the normal,Continue reading “Thursday Club”