Visit to

This week we had the great pleasure of visiting the guys at Motivation in their Bristol HQ. It was really great to catch up and put faces to names. Hi Natalie, Chris, Marianne and David (sorry for interrupting your lunch David). Obviously everyone was very busy, so it was nice that they made us feelContinue reading “Visit to”

Shipping Update and a trip to The Land of My Fathers

The van is going for shipping at the end of the month, but now not from Avonmouth, but Tilbury docks. It will arrive in Durban at the end of April just in time for us to help it clear through customs. Thanks again to David Squibb of KWE for all of his help in arrangingContinue reading “Shipping Update and a trip to The Land of My Fathers”

Final Vehicle Prep stuff

The Azalai has seen much of Sherwell Valley Garage of late as Dave Webb and Chris kindly agreed to let us use their expertise and ramps to go through basic maintenance techniques on the Land Rover. A quick inspection identified that the transmission pipes could take another tightening as they had bedded down a bitContinue reading “Final Vehicle Prep stuff”

Landrover Broken by Landrover Dealer

So we were just about there with vehicle preparation, just a quick trip to Matford Land Rover to get a spare set of keys. Unfortunately whilst in their custody, the Azalai took a bit of a bump to its roof-rack. (Accidents do happen so importantly…) The Dealer was good as gold and covered the repair,Continue reading “Landrover Broken by Landrover Dealer”