The need for Motivation’s work is apparent in every part of the world. It is very difficult to obtain quantifiable statistics but the following have been publicised:

– The United Nations Statistical Office estimates there are 20 million people in the world who need a wheelchair but don’t have one.

– The World Health Organisation estimate that the average life expectancy of a paraplegic in a developing country is between 2-3 years. In the UK life expectancy for a paraplegic is normal.

– The World Health Organisation suggest that between 20-40 people per million of the population will sustain a spinal cord injury in one year, many of whom will require the use of a wheelchair

– Scope suggest that 1 in 400 people worldwide have cerebral palsy.

– The Mines Advisory Group suggest that 26,000 people are killed or maimed by land mines each year.

Many of the above statistics are dramatically increased in areas of current or recent armed conflict, which continue to plague the world.

A huge demand is being placed at Motivation’s door. However, following our vision and looking into the future, the ultimate goal is to reach a point where there is no longer a need for Motivation to exist as we have helped local partners throughout the world to build their capacity to a point where they can independently meet the needs of their local communities.

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