It’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks as we have been trying to pull a few fundraising and awareness events together. We’ve been interviewed by the local paper (the Herald Express), and hopefully there’ll be a nice, informative piece in next Tuesday’s edition. Certainly (the reporter) Alex’s relaxed approach made for a long and wide ranging interview. It stretched from my accident (let’s get back to the Eighties) to date, with lots of personal detail, thoughts and meditations about what the project currently means to us. I’m not at all sure what will make the final copy, but I’m pretty confident it will be a good enough read (possibly even at my own expense!). In some ways the process was cathartic; as I’ve blogged before much of the plan makes no rational sense, so a chance like this, to reflect on the rhyme and reason, is hopefully as useful to us, as it might be interesting to others. (BTW I haven’t heard anything go out from the Radio Devon interview – this is definitely not a game for those with a fragile ego!)

We’ve also been investigating the best ways to raise additional funds so everything is above board, fair and transparent. The complication is fundraising for the Expedition itself vs the separate but linked activity of raising money for Motivation.

We hope that you’ve seen the new ‘Donate’ buttons on the site [now defunct 2021] – these will direct donations to the Indlovu Drive itself, and will be used to help expedition costs such as:

Spare parts and maintenance

Travelling Expenses (budgeted at £50-80 per day between us)






Air fares




Any surplus raised above the costs incurred by the Expedition as outlined above, will be passed, in their entirety, to the charity Motivation. The Expedition is not for profit.

A discreet bank account in the name of the Expedition is being set-up to manage monies raised by fundraising. (Cheques made payable to ‘The Indlovu Trans-Africa Drive’ if you are of a mind to!)

Alternatively to donate to Motivation directly, then please use our JustGiving page (and don’t forget to GiftAid!) – we welcome all support!

We are doing our first fundraiser at Marldon Apple Pie Fair this coming Saturday. We have a table and Tombola – thanks to everyone who has donated prizes for this. It will be the first public unfurling of our new banner, kindly provided by Torbay Blinds and Riviera Signs. It’s a great back-drop and hopefully will help to draw people in to ask for more detail about the trip and Motivation and their work. Thanks to Peter Gratton-Davey, Charlie Wakeham at Torbay Blinds and Dave Latham and Dean at Riviera Signs)

Marldon Apple Pie Fair – The Indlovu Drive’s Tombola Stand (Saturday 31st July 12:00-17:00)

Come and See

The famous KRANKIES at 2.00 pm

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