Not for the first time has this been a significant date for me. [As the avid reader would know] In 1986 I turned out for our local college XV for a scratch Rugby game (on a Sunday that was much warmer than it is in 2010 I recall!) only to paralyse myself in a clumsy ball reclamation. Inevitably that set life off in a direction that was probably different to what it might have been. Such is fate and regardless it’s how we got to where we are today, on the verge of this project.

I was in hospital for a year (Duke of Cornwall Spinal Unit, Salisbury) and then worked in Torbay Hospital’s cytology department for a while before moving to Exeter to train as an Occupational Therapist. Life has been pretty dandy since and the career has been varied and interesting. I have met some great people along the way. However time to break more ’30/11′ news…..    I have left work to concentrate on the Expedition planning. It’s either a very stupid thing or a very clever thing; but it seems the right thing. I had been working on a project that had just about reached its conclusion, and certainly I think I had reached the end of being able to contribute many more ideas or innovations to it – so the timing was good. That said after working in Public Sector as a main job for pretty much all of my adult life, it is still a little scary. Actually signing the job away felt a little like stepping off the Bloukran’s Bridge bungy – only over a much protracted time period. Hopefully the metaphorical fall will be, relatively speaking, just as swift – so that the fun and reassurance of the rebound and bouncing around bit kicks in pronto. In the meantime, “I feel a little strange.”

In the meantime I’d like to thank my wonderful colleagues who had a great whip ’round and have raised £100 for www.motivation.org.uk. I was particularly struck by some of the gang from ‘back in the day’ taking the time and effort to get in touch with some really kind (witty and honest) sentiment. It was greatly appreciated (you know who you all are!). I wish you all the very best.

The departure terms were discreet, but suffice to say entirely mutual. This is very much a new beginning, although Fu Manchu like, I can’t help but wonder whether the NHS “will hear from me again!”

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