Planning update

As we go into the New Year poignantly we can anticipate the end of our yet to be embarked trip! We will be back by this time next year, and that’s a reminder of how little time there is left to get things together. Paul Gowen from the RAC has been in touch recommending we apply for the Carnet imminently. Some shipping companies have returned quotes. Visa requirements are starting to make sense. We have spent a small fortune on guidebooks (mainly Bradt, as I find them to be generally the best, although a few others publishers have made it based on Amazon’s ratings).

We are also very much looking forward to  few days away in the Azalai. The Land Rover driver training at Eastnor will be both fun and informative, and Wilderness Medicine Training for Explorers in Oxford provides the other half of an intensive but crucial four days.

On the route front, a top-tip in Land Rover Monthly magazine highlighted that the Visemar Line are operating a new Alexandria-Venice service throughout the year. We may well take advantage of this for a couple of reasons:

• More time in Africa

• UK to Jordan probably warrants its own, dedicated trip in the future (taking more time than could be afforded on this trip)

The cost is just a little shy of £1000 for both of us, the Azalai, and a cabin for the 60 hour trip. Good value when compared with many channel ferry prices!

Completion of the tail-lift remains a priority. OEC have promised end Jan – which is pretty much as late as we can feasibly lapse delivery. If the van needs shipping to Africa early April in order to arrive early May, then you can see we are only left with eight weeks’ proving time.

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