Build Update – It’s getting there!

On 5th October Anton wrote

“The vehicle ramp was delivered to the engineering firm beginning of last week.

Most of the parts have been drawn up ready for the water cutter. We have phoned them this morning for an update and will keep pestering them for final prices / timings.

Paul and I have looked at the known costs (bearing in mind we are awaiting engineering costs) and estimate the cost of the rear ramp system at least 2.5k – no more 3k.

The Azalai will be completed end of next week. This might not necessarily include the ramp fitted (relying on engineering co. to cut parts and make pivots). However this at least means you can take the vehicle away returning it for the ramp fitting.”

Therefore we are hopeful that the Azalai will be in attendance for the great car wash on Saturday 16th October at chez Tisdall, if you haven’t already booked your slot please hurry so you don’t miss the opportunity to see the van in the flesh!!!

We have also booked to attend the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) ‘Explore’ weekend (12-14th November) and now need to sort out accommodation so if anyone knows anyone with a spare room in Kensington or a large drive that we can park the van on please do get in touch. This week we are attending the local RGS lecture at Kelly College – the topic being Expedition Medicine: Desert and Jungle and on Thursday we have the first presentation regarding the trip to the Rotary Breakfast Club at The Belgrave Hotel. Rich has spent many hours on this in his usual perfectionist way and I’m sure the group are in for a treat.

I have been trying to contact the Ethiopian Embassy to look at how to obtain our visa if it is no longer possible to get this in Kenya nor get a post dated visa, I’m still awaiting reply after resending my initial email – the Ethiopian Embassy has spelt their email address incorrectly on their website!!!

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