Taking Delivery of the Azalai

Well it’s got there – just about. Today we went over to OEC to collect the Azalai from OEC. We arrived late in the afternoon and found the guys hosing her down (luckily for Alicja who otherwise might have found that she was carwashing it at her fundraiser tomorrow!)

The tail-lift is still being fabricated and we will need to take it over to GM Coachworks to get the hand-controls refitted – so it was left to Rachel to bring the Azalai home. Paul ran through the various systems and controls, and Anton presented us with a bottle of champagne – one of only six in existence, especially bottled to celebrate the Azalai. (The six were a gift from a French customer). It was a really nice touch and something we both really appreciated. None of the others have even been opened yet.

We will be going back in a few weeks or so to get the tail-lift fitted, when Paul returns from his well-earned holiday. In the meantime it will be a bunk-up and ‘arse-ing it’ in.

We have had a busy week regarding all things expedition. Tuesday saw us in Tavistock at a Royal Geographical Society lecture by James Moore, Expedition Medic and Director of Travel Health Consultancy. It was a great presentation as he recounted various tours he had medic’d on (including Joanna Lumley’s ‘Nile’ series). I think we will be in touch again imminently with regard to us seeking advice for our trip. As it happens James had already seen our website and knew of our plans. Another bonus is that his practice is in Exeter – another great local discovery for us.

On Thursday I gave our first talk on the expedition. It was to ‘The Sunrise’ branch of the local Rotary. The clue was in the name and I should have twigged sooner that they meet at 0700! Still they were a great audience and I hope that they got something out of the presentation. Certainly it was a chance to highlight the work of www.motivation.org.uk

So just a quick post to mark the day we took delivery. I’m sure we will be blogging much more frequently as we get acquainted with the Azalai.

Thanks to all at OEC from both of us.

If you want to see the vehicle come over to Alicja’ car-wash at Chez Tisdall, Saturday (16th Oct) we will be there most of the day – and bring donations too as Alicja is collecting for the cause.

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