Tail-lift fitting

Took the Azalai up to OEC today so that Paul can fit the tail-lift. He was painting it today, but will be spending the rest of the week fitting. He seemed pretty confident regarding the main hardware and attachment to the chassis, but thought that if anything was going to make him run past the weekend it would be routing the hydraulics. I honestly can’t wait to see this finished and in place. It is genuinely the gateway to using the vehicle fully, as intended (for me). I really do appreciate the thoroughness and diligence applied by OEC for this aspect of the project and I’ll be reporting on the final results as soon as they are tested for the first time.

The fitted tail-lift and decals

OEC will also be fitting some rather funky decals that they have had made. Hopefully these will feature in posted pictures soon.

I am still trying to get a few competitive quotes for shipping, and ideally from an agent that can help with things both here and in RSA. So far only one is making any real sense! I’ll write a bit more on the experience of this when we have booked (so as not to upset the very wobbly apple-cart). It’s not the plain sailing that I thought it would be (see what I did there?)

The Carnet application has been lodged with Paul Gowen at the RAC too.

I am doing a talk tomorrow to the Wellswood ‘Thursday Club” in the local church hall. It really is proving to be one of the big positives of our experiences so far – getting to meet lots of different people and audiences. I just hope that what we have to say is of interest to everyone.

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