Thursday Club

A new audience for the latest talk, the ladies and gents of the ‘Thursday Club’ at St Matthias Church, Wellswood. Attentive and kind though they were, I am sure that they would have been at least equally interested if I’d filled the slot with (more) pictures from previous wildlife shoots – compared to the normal, valid, ramble into plans for the expedition. Thinking ahead, I also wondered whether they’d get more from a post-trip talk (following our return to the UK). People are interested in the venture thus far – but I’m increasingly feeling that we are peddling snake-oil when pressed to extrapolate ahead! Perhaps I’m just getting keen to go – like I say most people are interested; I’ve heard the talk before several times though! There was a lot of interest in Motivation and importantly, the need for their work. Hopefully somewhere down the line it might result in donations for the charity. Thanks to Joan and all at the Thursday Club for their hospitality.

Our shipping quote is being prepared. Hopefully it will cover assistance at the Durban end too. The advice is to allow four to five weeks for transit.

We’re also due to collect the Azalai from OEC tomorrow. Paul is going well in fitting the lift and hydraulics, but has found the process “fiddly” in as much as it needed to be completed to a symmetry and ensure equal stresses on both rams. We will definitely need to get out and bed this down in the time remaining before shipping. The extended prep time meant Rachel had to postpone her first mechanic sesh with Dave Webb….       ….I continue to stress the diminishing time.

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